Alessandro's will

“Girls, as your inheritance, I am leaving you my total choice of the Gospel and the chance to study, even to graduate.”

– Alessandro Nottegar


When Dad left us his spiritual will, we were at the seaside. It was towards the end of the holiday and we were going to the beach all five of us together. It was 14 September 1986.

It was one of Dad’s characteristics to discuss important things in a simple way.

Dad told us: “You know that every parent works to put aside money, to buy a flat and goods to leave to their children. If I worked my entire life, I think the most I would be able to buy you would be a flat each”.


“There, I wanted to give my fields and all our savings to the Lord to buy a house for the community.

Therefore, I will leave you no inheritance, nor bank accounts, nor houses, nor land...

What i will leave you is the example of my total choice of the Gospel, and the chance to study, even to get a University degree, if you want to”.


At that time I didn’t understand what he was talking about, nor did I understand well what was to happen four days later when they rushed him to hospital and he never returned home.

My sisters and I have all studied and graduated, just as Dad had promised us. We lacked for nothing: Dad kept his word.

Truly Christ was his treasure and he considered the Gospel as more precious than money and material goods: for this reason, he had wanted to leave it to us as an inheritance.

What they say about him…

Luisa Scipionato

“One aspect I really liked was that he was not attached to money. When he was paid, the first thing he did was to give 10% to charity”.

– his wife Luisa

Roberta carpenè

“Alessandro showed he constantly thought about eternal life. He used to say: - We must think about heaven and not only about this earth. We must always live as though it were the last day of our life -”.

– Roberta Carpenè

Bruno Signorini

“One day a priest asked Alessandro: - But you are a doctor. Don’t you think about your family, your daughters’ futures? -. Alessandro replied: - The inheritance I will leave to my daughters will be my example of life. I will not leave them material goods, but that they learn to do God’s will - ”.

– Bruno Signorini

don Pietro Cunegatti

“I also appreciated Alessandro’s sense of poverty. He didn’t go looking for money or status. He rode a bike. As a family they were very modest in meals, in clothes, in the girls’ toys and they paid great attention to helping the poor”.

– father Pietro Cunegatti